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Lavorazione a mano

Si eseguono anche disegni personalizzati e proposti dai clienti.

Nell'immagine un piatto realizzato dalla mappa prospettica di Bologna, disegnata da J.Blaeu nel 1663 (collezione privata)

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Majolica handicraft

L'aura workshop produces majolicaware made entirely by hand. Personalized designs produced upon request.

Laura has been an Bologna-based ceramic artist since 1987 specializing in ceramic patterns inspired by traditional and historical motifs as well as creating her own filigree designs. With dedication, love and creativitiy she paints each ceramic blank by hand giving every single piece a unique touch.
The manufacturing processes of majolica are, briefly, as follows: the clay blanks are created by being thrown on the wheel or pressed into plaster moulds. Through the first firing at about 980°C in a pottery kiln the clay is transformed into ceramic. After having cooled down the blank is dipped into a glaze, which creates a powdery surface after drying that can be painted with the following principal colours: blue (from cobalt), green (from copper), purple and brown (manganese), yellow and orange (antimony and iron). Finally, the painted object is fired again at a lower temperature (940°) to seal the colours.

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Mandaci un messaggio

Please send Laura a message via the message button if you have any questions, personalization wishes or if there are problems with the ordering process. Thank you in advance.

via Broccaindosso 71/c, 40125, Bologna


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